Robot signed by Dean Kamen

These are some pictures from when I was visited the Connecticut Science Center a few weekends ago and they had a display set up with a FRC robot that went to the championships in 2001. Usually I don't write articles about anything unless it has just a slight relation to Salvius but I have decided to make an exception because I thought it was cool that the robot was signed by Dean Kamin who founded the FIRST robotics competition and invented the Segway.
Signed: Dean Kamen

The sign in front of the robot reads:
Old Lyme High School's Techno Ticks
This 2001 Championship Division Finalist won a place in FIRST Robotics Competition history by racking up points in the game Diabolical Dynamics. Vying against other remote-controlled robots, Duncan's alliance bested other teams by landing more large and small balls in their opponent's 7-foot high goal, shooting over a randomly tilting bridge that bisected the rectangular playing field.

The Techno Ticks have been bringing FIRST glory back to Old Lyme ever since winning the 1999 New England Regional Rookie Award.

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