Just some recent pictures

I have been working on hooking up some controllers that will allow the robot to be remotely operated. I still need to figure out how to get the code to control the motor controllers to work but for now I can control the arm motors over a standard radio frequency. For the motor controller that controls the wheels I am using a Grove I2C dual h-bridge motor driver which had been a bit complicated to use. At first I was unable to even get the sample code to compile because the sample code was written in an earlier form of the Arduino IDE than the one that I am currently using. I fixed that by adding a integer variable (int) that sent a value to the motors. Once I got the code to compile I had trouble trying to get the controller to even turn a motor which ended up being due to a problem with my DC power supply that I was using to test the controller which had very low amperage. I replaced the DC power supply with a 9 volt battery and a smaller motor which seems to be working fine. The only problem that I have left to solve is the voltage drop I get when I connect the Ethernet Shield to the Arduino because without enough power the Arduino does not send the motor information to the controller.

I have a lot of plans to get the robot mobile and to hook up some controls so that a person can operate it remotely. Here are a few recent pictures I took: