Robot and Chicken

Alright, so I have been trying to get an example program to work that will allow me to use an I2C motor driver with my existing Arduino. The example program that I found online is still coming up wit errors on compilation and I am only somewhat sure that I have all my hardware hooked up correctly.

While I try to figure out whats going on there I have come up with a quick photographic opportunity that probably only a small portion of audience will appreciate. Here it goes...

Salvius the robot & creator presents:
Robot and Chicken!

I will admit this is pretty bad but when talking with some friends about the comedy Star Wars spoof "Robot Chicken" I couldn't help but think of this.

Hopefully I will get that motor controller working soon because I am running out of stupid robot tricks to blog about!

Here is a few more shots I took (click photos to view them larger):

Just to clarify, my combination of a robot and a chicken in these photos is a parody of a parody called "Star Wars Robot Chicken" published by Adult Swim.

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  1. It's reminds me of some old pirate movies on the pirate with the parot on his shoulder