Making Salvius

Once in a while I like to make a post that somewhat summarizes the progress of the robot up until a recent point in time. I have made my most recent post in the form of a video. Enjoy!

What I really wanted to capture in this video was how much the robot has changes since I started building it. I realize that an important part of the design process is planning and I did do a lot of planning. What I didn't account for was the resources that I have available to devote to robotics and as I have gained more parts and learned more about engineering and programming the robot's design has improved.

When I first started building the robot I didn't even have access to a working internet connection. At that time I would never have dreamed of starting a website and releasing the robot's code as open source. Today I find it very exciting to be able to share what I have learned with people all over the world. I get hundreds of hits on this site every day and they come from every country on earth. This project continues to grow in popularity each month and I cant wait to see where it will go next.


  1. Anonymous3/09/2012

    if anyones on here today im looking for mitch longstaf is he still posting here
    a beilin

  2. That is a really amazing piece of work. I saw you added me to your circles on G+, and looked you up.

  3. Thank you, I got started on Google+ about a month ago and I decided to add a few of the people from the suggestions list. So far I have found G+ to be a great way to connect with people and to learn and exchange ideas.