SciFi Invention: Force Shield

It is often possible to achieve the similar results using different methods, the same can be said for the theoretical construction of energy/matter repulsion shields also known as force shields.

Method One (EMP matter repulsion):
It may be possible to create a nearly impenetrable electrically powered force shield. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) fires a wave of electromagnetic energy that travels through the air as well as other substances. This wave damages electronic equipment because they conduct the electricity which overloads them and causes a short circuit. An interesting fact is that everything will conduct electricity at a certain voltage including insulators such as plastic, porcelain, or glass. When the wave of electromagnetic energy travels through the air it will conduct through any material it contacts (assuming the voltage is high enough).

Electricity is magnetic so now everything that is conducting the EMP blast is basically turned into an electromagnet. If a real electromagnet was turned on just behind the EMP and was polarized to repel the objects charged by the EMP than everything within range would be blasted away from the source of the electromagnet. There are some problems with this idea such as the fact that an electromagnetic pulse is only a pulse and only is there for less than a second. In order for the shield to stay on for long periods of time you would have to achieve some sort of sustained electromagnetic pulse.

Method Two (Plasma Shield):
Plasma is a heated gas that has been charged with electrons. It is the part of lightening that you can see and the same goes for other devices that generate visible arks of electricity. Because plasma is charged with electrons it is magnetic. A magnetic field can be used to shape plasma.