Climate Change

Here are some solutions I came up with that may solve the problem of some environmental problems:

Fungi have a natural ability to absorb pollutants. Genetically engineer fungi that release natural acids to rapidly break down polymers by either dissolving them or binding on a molecular level to form new less dangerous substances.

Modern Natural Selection:
Ever since life began it has struggled for existence. This constant struggle has resulted in the many diverse organisms that we see on Earth today. What most people don’t know is that this struggle will never be over so long as the weather changes and the continents shift. For humans, the struggle is minimal. Natural selection once played a huge roll in getting us to where we are today. Only the strongest of out hunter-gatherer ancestors would have survived to produce stronger offspring while the weaker would have succumb to the cold, predators, and lack of nutrition. Today the average live expectancy is about 90 years where a hundred years ago it was only 30.

It would seem that with the defeat of natural selection for humans the evolution of Homo sapiens has formally concluded. Perhaps the next stage in human evolution is intellectual or social. Perhaps the evolution will continue with society rather than genetically.