Theoretical Particles

Strange Matter:
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a gigantic device 100 meters underground and straddling the the border between Switzerland and France. This particle accelerator used by physicists to study the smallest known particles – the fundamental building blocks of all things. It will revolutionise our understanding, from the minuscule world deep within atoms to the vastness of the Universe. The LHC is the largest particle accelerator ever built and smashes billions of particles in less than a second. There are many fears that this device will spawn micro-black holes which will slowly consume the earth. Micro-black holes are the least of peoples worries since, due to their minuscule size, they would soon evaporate. With billions of particles smashing every second there is a small chance that they may reconfigure to form a new particle. Strangelets are theoretical killer particles. In theory if a strangelet is created than when it bumps into another particle that particle also becomes a strangelet. This would continue until the entire earth is consumed. Earth and everything on it would become just a massive ball of strange matter floating in space.

Dark Matter:
Detected from its gravitational effects on visible matter and background radiation, NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes can be used to support the existence of "dark matter". Dark matter is currently classified into the following groups:
1 - Baryonic
2 - Non-Baryonic
2a - hot dark matter (HDM)
2b - cold dark matter (CDM)

Despite considerable evidence for dark matter, some scientists have proposed alternative theories for gravity where it is stronger on intergalactic scales than predicted by Newton and Einstein, removing the need for dark matter. However, such theories cannot explain the observed effects of a collision of two large clusters of galaxies where dark matter and normal matter were wrenched apart by the tremendous force The discovery, using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes, gives direct evidence for the existence of dark matter.

This theory states that every possible outcome of events is occurring spontaneously and simultaneously, parallel to this reality. For example if you flip a coin and it lands on heads, the other possibility occurs in the parallel universe where the coin lands on tails. Some believe that you can consciously will the outcome to be one or the other.