Glossary of Robot Terms - H

  • Haptic - Tactile feedback technology using the operator's sense of touch. Also sometimes applied to robot manipulators with their own touch sensitivity.
  • Header pins - Small metal pins used to connect electronic components. Headers can be plug pins or sockets to receive the plugs.
  • Heat shrink tubing - Polymer tubing which contracts when heated. Heat shrink tubing is typically used to insulate wire splices.
  • Hexapod (platform) - A movable platform using six linear actuators. Often used in flight simulators and fairground rides, they also have applications as a robotic manipulator.
  • Hexapod (walker) - A six-legged walking robot, using a simple insect-like locomotion.
  • Humanoid - A robotic entity designed to resemble a human being in form, function, or both.
  • Hydraulics - The control of mechanical force and movement, generated by the application of liquid under pressure.

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