Glossary of Robot Terms - G

  • Gantry - A robot that has three degrees of freedom along the X, Y, and Z coordinate system.
  • Gear box - a set of gears with its casing.
  • Gripper - A mechanical component that is designed for seizing and holding, and holds or "grips" an object. Often a gripper is attached to the end of an arm. It may hold an object using a variety of different methods, such as: applying pressure between two or more surfaces, or it may may also use magnetism or a vacuum to hold the object, etc.
  • Grommet - A grommet is a ring inserted into a hole through thin material. Grommets are generally flared or collared on each side to keep them in place. They may be used to prevent tearing or abrasion of the pierced material, or to cover sharp edges.
  • Gynoid - A humanoid robot designed to look like a human female.
  • Gyroscope - A device consisting of a disk mounted so that it can spin rapidly about an axis that is free to alter in direction. Gyroscopic motion can be used to provide stability or maintain a reference direction. These devices are typically implemented in navigation systems, automatic pilots, and stabilizers.

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