A lighter weight arm for Salvius

This is the new right arm for the Salvius robot. The arm is constructed using light weight pieces of plexie glass and pvc plastic. The hand is made from an old toy that will function perfectly as Salvius's hand. The fingers will be attached to servos that can pull and release the cords that move the fingers.

This hand uses a compliant grip method that will make it much easier for the robot to pick up medium sized objects. The arm is also weighs much less than any previous arm built for the robot, this will allow the arm to move faster and be more precise because it will not put a lot of stress on the motors that move it.

Although the arm is not yet complete it still shows promising potential. In order for the arm to be completely finished it will need five servo motors and a strong motor to raise and lower the entire arm. Eventually it will also be necessarily to put pressure sensors on the hand so that the robot can detect the objects that it is handling with greater precision.

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