Mass warps space, Einstein proven correct!

On Sunday, April 14, 2007 one of NASA's most complicated satellites; Gravity Probe B, sent information that was gathered via ultra precise gyroscopes to detect minute distortions in the fabric of the universe ’to a precision of better than 1 percent’. The results proved that the assertion made by Albert Einstein – that an object such as the Earth does indeed distort the fabric of space and time is correct. Mass does in fact warp space. With this fact proven another possibility arises. What if you could artificially manipulate the fabric of space. First you could give something like a missile the properties of having the mass of a planet and potentially use that device to prevent things like asteroids from colliding with earth by affecting their orbital path. The second possibility is that you could reduce the distance of billions of light years to almost nothing.

Imagine that you have two points. Point one is about two miles beyond Earth's atmosphere and point two is 3.3 thousand light years away near the outer atmosphere of a newly discovered planet. This distance is to far to be reached in a human lifetime. What if you could bend the fabric of space so that the two points were closer then simply pass through to the planet to explore and send data back to earth as if you were only on the moon. Of course this could be dangerous since all matter has mass and if earth or any other object is space were suddenly affected by a change in the warp of space the results could be devastating. The moon with its small size already affects earth’s tides, weather patterns, and many more things. Imagine a planetary body larger than the moon suddenly affecting Earth's tides along with the moon.

UPDATE: Frame-dragging has now been proven correct as well.