New Programming Jargon

Bat Code

Why is this code here?
Because its Batman!
Why's this running dad? Because it has to. Because it's the code that the program deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll run it. Because we can. Because its not our code. It's a silent function. A watchful parameter. It's Bat code!

Bucket of Darts

Many times we encounter things that should work in theory, but don't really Its like throwing a bucket of darts off the top of a building and trying to hit someone. Such as ...
Bootstrap 2.3.2 conversion tool
Python 2 to 3 conversion tool
Some of it works some of it fails.

Phantom Comments

What? Did they all just die or something?

Zombie Documentation

The software has been updated but documentation for old features is still alive and kicking, or should we say undead?


When a simple, easy to use feature has unintended catastrophic side effects.

Post inspired by
I will add more to this post as I encounter them.

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