This is a video taken from my quadrocam, a small camera I attached to my quadrocopter. The video is fairly clear considering the amount of vibration that the camera is exposed to when flying. This video was taken after I modified the camera to make it lighter. The modification was only to remove plastic from the camera housing by drilling some holes. To see some close up pictures of the modifications I made to build this, check out this post.

With the camera I get about five to six minutes of flight time, this has improved a bit more since I made the camera lighter. Typically the quadrocopter gets ten to twenty minutes of flight time out of a single charging.


  1. hurleyblane10/20/2013

    The video looks a bit shaky, although this is still neat to see.

  2. Thanks, mostly it is the vibration from the propellers which causes the blurring. Since making this video I have been able to lighten the camera and that has helped a bit as far a lengthening flight time and increasing stability.