Glossary of Robot Terms - E

  • Emergent behavior - a complicated resultant behaviour that emerges from the repeated operation of simple underlying behaviours.
  • End-effector - An accessory device or tool specifically designed for attachment to the robot wrist or tool mounting plate to enable the robot to perform its intended task. (Examples may include gripper, spot-weld gun, arc-weld gun, spray- paint gun, or any other application tools.)
  • Envelope (Space) Maximum - The volume of space encompassing the maximum designed movements of all robot parts including the end-effector, workpiece, and attachments.
  • Equality constraint – A restriction that requires the displacement or motion of the robot to be equal a specified value.
  • Explosive ordnance disposal robot - A mobile robot designed to assess whether an object contains explosives; some carry detonators that can be deposited at the object and activated after the robot withdraws.

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