Electrical Schematic Symbols

Electrical schematics are symbolic representations of electronic circuits. Just as there is an almost never ending variety of electronic components there is a equally never ending amount of symbols to accompany them. Bellow you will see several of the most common schematic symbols and their function labeled underneath.
Image generated using Nevron Diagram for .NET ( http://www.nevron.com )

Like I previously said, there is an almost never ending amount of schematic symbols so if your not sure on one just remember that most symbols are variations of similar items, if you don't know one look for the next closest symbol.


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  2. Thanks for the link it looks like you have a very good blog. I like how defined the lines on your symbols are. Do you use any particular software to generate your symbols? The symbols I used in this post were provided by neveron.com. I contacted them prior to publishing this post and they gave me permission to use the photo.

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