Making the first new face panel for Salvius

When I originally designed the robot's head I made it so that I could easily cut out and replace the eyepiece on the robot's face. The eyepiece holds all of the robots sensors and I knew that eventually I would need to make a new one on order to accommodate for new sensors. I am getting a new camera this week to use on the robot because I have continuously faced problems when trying to get my Gigaware 25157 Webcam to work with the Ubuntu (Linux) operating system. The new camera that I am getting is a Logitech C110. The reason that I am using a webcam is because it is about ten times less expensive than using an IP or network camera. The new Logitech webcam is shaped differently from the old cam so I'm going to have to cut out the first new eyepiece since I made the robot's head. Hopefully all will go well. I will also be attempting to shape the plexiglass eyepiece using a heat-gun so that the piece fits the curve of the robot's face.

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