Relay Shield and Robot Wiring

The image above is one of two 12 volt car adapter chargers that I disassembled to put into a single container. These were just some old chargers that I was able to recycle to use on the robot because they can directly convert the 12 volt, 75 amp power source from the robot's battery into a voltage that wont destroy the Arduino Microcontroller or any of the electronic shields that I'm using.

These are the two circuit boards moved into the new enclosure. Both adapters are individually protected with relays to protect them in the case of a short. Bellow is just a photo of the container once I screwed it shut. The container is an extra-small project box that I got at Radio Shack for just a few dollars.

This photo is of one of my new adapter's leads powering the relay shield that is connected to the arduino. Ideally I would have more of the adapters but I don't really want to go out and just buy a bunch of adapters just to splice up the wires into my robot. I would prefer to acquire a few that people are just throwing away.

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