My New High Voltage Power Cables

The two cable ends labeled positive (+) and negative (-)
I just made up some cables to run power from the battery to the upper body of the robot. The cables are made from a few feet of 8 gauge wire that my dad had given me a while ago to build a giant super-electromagnet. Well I never got around to finishing the magnet so I decided to splice on some end connectors and run the cable up to the robot's right shoulder where I can easily start attaching things to be powered off of the battery. The wire is pretty high quality. I was reading the side and it says that it is oil and gas resistant and it will handel up to 600 volts. Its completely overkill for my 12 volt 75amp car battery that i'm using but then again, I have always been a fan of being overly prepared.


  1. A new patent from Apple shows how a power cable could help users access their computing devices when they forget their passwords.


  2. Power Cables are really useful as it helps transmitting power. I am happy to know that you have not kept your power cable ideal and used it for your robot. Super- electromagnet would have been a great gadget to be developed with power cable but it is not that easy either. What next you are thinking now. Let me know if you have a good concept.

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