LEGO NXT wire pinout

This was a very helpful graphic I found a while back. It shows which pins do what on the LEGO NXT cable connections.

I also received a suggestion recommending this site: which has a lot of good information regarding NXT projects for users that want to take their NXT designs to a more advanced level. This site has good instructions and I would definitely recommend checking it out.


  1. google alert pointed me to this post! You might also like what my friend Philo has to offer on his site -- check out

  2. Thanks Marc-Andre, I checked out the site. There is some very good information there. I'll update my post to suggest that site as well.

  3. Thanks for this image. It was really helpfull :)
    It's from here: right?

    But i found it thx to your phrasing so thx!

    1. That is correct. I posted it because it's such a convenient reference. I've used it for setting up custom NXT output devices but there is obviously a lot more possibilities than that.