Glossy and 3D Arduino Logos collection

I was doing some experimenting today with Gimp. Gimp is a great and free alternative to applications like Adobe Photoshop. I have been meaning to make a "Powered by" button for Arduino products since I just so happen to have a six foot tall humanoid robot that uses one. For all its worth the Arduino that Salvius uses as a brain is probably the most important piece of robotic hardware that I have. And so... that leads me into this: my new "Powered by" button for Arduino products:
Powered by Arduino button made with Gimp

 I was very happy with how the glossy effect of the button came out. After I finished I decided to experiment with adding some different gradients to the arduino logo to make it more interesting:

Original Arduino logo

Arduino logo with a light colored gradient

Arduino logo with blue to red gradient

Arduino logo with black to red gradient.

I thought that the gradients were a nice touch. I used the light colored one on my "Powered by" button. As for the others I was trying to place the colors in relation to the positive and negative polarity symbols. The last thing that I tried was adding a bevel around the edge of the logo so that it would have a 3D appearance.

3D Arduino logo

Also feel free to use any of these for your own purposes, hopefully you can get some good use out of these graphics if you are doing a project with an Arduino Product.

Please note that the Arduino logo is a Trade Mark of Arduino which has no affiliation at this time with the robot that I am building and writing about on this site.

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