Salvius robot preparing for balancing and gyroscope

This modification to Salvius's drive base is a prelude to a possible gyroscopic balencing system where the robot stays balanced on two adjacent wheels similar to the Segway PT invented by Dean Kamen. Although this will create a issue where if the robot runs of power it will simply fall over if it is not secured. One solution for that would be a pair of retractable stabilizers that could fold down and lock in place so that the robot could conserve power while remaining stationary for long periods of time.

One of the advantages of building the robot horizontally is that it can have more maneuverability in tight spaces as this new design greatly decreases the circumference of the robot's base. The reduced circumference also has contributed to a reduction of about 5 kg from the overall weight of the robot.

It is obvious at this point in the robot's construction that weight will be a major issue. At the moment, one large motor and the battery make up approximately 50% of the robot's mass. As a solution I plan on drilling out holes in many spots to remove as much material as possible without sacrificing structural integrity.

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